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Private Client - Historical Landmark Property - Palm Beach, FL

"Now that our guest house renovation is complete, we want to thank AMC Custom Builders for a job well done.  We had considered a few different builders for the extensive renovation and we are very happy with our decision to have AMC take on the project.  The team encountered a number of unforeseen issues that they handled appropriately and in a cost-effective manner, as if they were the owner of the property, which we greatly appreciated.  Everyone on the team was very responsive and they were always looking ahead.  Perhaps most notable, the project came in under budget.  We have gone through multiple renovation projects over the years, and this is the first time we have had a builder come in not just on budget, but under budget.


We are very pleased with the renovation and would recommend AMC Custom Builders to friends and colleagues."

Private Client - Palm Beach, FL

"What a lovely surprise! We have enjoyed working with you very much and are so pleased with our project. Looking forward to a continuing relationship with you and AMC."

Private Client - Palm Beach, FL

“Wow! You guys have done an amazing job in a relatively short period of time.  Thanks, Paul.  You've been great to work with."

Private Client - Lost Tree Village, FL

"Great job today and great job by the whole AMCCB Team! We are blown away at how quickly you got this project up and running."

Private Client - Palm Beach, FL

“Blake Johnson was the project manager on two construction projects of mine. In both cases Blake was involved from the beginning of the projects, working closely with the architects, his company’s onsite teams, and the sub-contractors. Blake is a team player, attending all design and construction meetings. He understood what his client’s wishes were and how to best achieve their goals. Blake was always very professional, not only with the clients, but also with all the construction workers. Everyone enjoyed working on the jobs, and the outcome was two beautiful homes with very happy clients. I highly recommend Blake Johnson for any future construction jobs, because he loves what he does, and he does it well.” 

Industry Craftsman - Palm Beach, FL

“I have worked with Blake on multiple projects over the past 10 years. Throughout this time I was personally involved in countless meetings with Blake ranging from scope analysis meetings, subcontractor negotiations, architecture and design meetings, project management meetings and client meetings. Blake’s always positive attitude coupled with his knowledge of the industry helped to create a true team environment where all involved parties were truly working together for one common goal: a masterpiece for the client. It is nice to see that Blake has made the move to business ownership. This will enable him to provide an even more unique and memorable client experience.”

Architect - Palm Beach, FL

“Over the past five years I have been fortunate to work with Blake Johnson on three major projects in Palm Beach. He displays enthusiasm, confidence and dedication beyond his years. Acting as Project Manager and also in the capacity of Business Development, his interaction with Clients, Design consultants and those in the Building trades, is one of equal respect. It is refreshing to have a person like Blake on your Team who not only interacts, but also is eager to learn and increase his knowledge and experiences. I would strongly recommend Blake as his assets are limitless.”

Architect - Palm Beach, FL - New York, NY

“I would like to express my complete satisfaction with Blake’s performance, not only during the construction process, but also afterwards, when a responsible and intelligent person from the contracting company was needed to serve as a representative. He is passionate about finding solutions to the inevitable issues that arise on-site, providing the clients with a quality finished product, and keeping them happy.” 

Private Client - Palm Beach, FL

“I have nothing but praise for the role Blake played in our project. His attention to detail, both architecturally and financially, was outstanding and he accomplished this with a level of professionalism and calm that is worthy of praise. He was a problem solver throughout the project and, moreover, his attention to our project did not end with the final check. Blake was terrific in addressing any problems that arose after completion, which we greatly appreciated. Obviously, I would unreservedly recommend Blake Johnson for any building project.”

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